I Get a Little Help From My Friends



Joshua Cohen, Stanford University
Laura Dresser, Center on Wisconsin Strategey
Kevin Esterling, University of California, Riverside
Mary Graham, HKS and Brookings
Sanjeev Khagram, University of Washington
Taeku Lee, University of California, Berkeley
Dara O'Rourke, UC Berkeley
Joel Rogers, Univ. of Wisconsin
Charles Sabel, Columbia Univ.
David Weil, BU and KSG
Erik Olin Wright, Univ. of Wisconsin


Deliberation, Participation and Civic Engagement

Civic Practices Network: A Learning Collaborative for Civic Renewal
Deliberative Democracy Consortium
Everyday Democracy
Kettering Foundation
Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America

Neighborhood Government

Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils
Neighbor-to-Neighbor, Rochester, NY
Minneapolis Revitalization Project
Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Transparency and Disclosure

International Budget Partnership
Sunlight Foundation